Dersal Mobility is a family business, based in Pietermaritzburg. It is led by Derek Robson and ably assisted by his wife Sally. When and if needed their son Clinton helps on a part time basis.

Our trading figures and sales are vetted by our accounts consultant, Brian A’Hern of A’Hern & Associates operating from Pietermaritzburg. He is a registered tax practitioner and deals with SARS on our behalf.

The family has been involved in small business and internet marketing for several years. They run a string of websites and blogs on various topics, under the Dersalsites brand. Derek writes articles for several article directories. One of their other popular web businesses is Electronic Cigarette Suppliers, which was started in October 2009. See more here: Electronic Cigarette Suppliers and another The Survivalist specialises in emergency packs, survival packs, survival tools and long life, dehydrated food packs aimed at survivalists, adventurers, and anyone involved in extreme sports.

Derek has been involved with many businesses over the years and has experience in engineering, sales and marketing, production processes and management, amongst others. After a serious neck injury and subsequent surgery, he was no longer able to pursue these careers and turned to internet marketing instead.

Sally has always been a part of Derek’s business and oversees receive and dispatch functions and general admin within the business. She is also responsible for packing of parcels and getting them to the relevant shipping companies. Sally is an ex nurse and has worked with geriatric and disabled patients.

Clinton is a qualified personal trainer and gym instructor, but is employed by a pump company. He helps his parents in his spare time.

We have always been dog lovers and most of our doggy friends have been black Labradors. We presently have a miniature Dachshund cross Jack Russell and she runs the household.

For most of our lives we have disliked city life and have lived on farms and small holdings, so we have had quite a bit of experience with other animals such as cows, horses, sheep, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, budgies, canaries, mice and others.

For more about us, see our History.

Please note:
No goods will be released before payment in full. Payments, receipts, quotes, invoices etc will all be done by head office.

Please do not contact the workshop or our manufacturers directly.

Dersal Mobility is an online sales business founded on 3rd December 2016, part of Dersal Contracts and our mission was to help other people to enjoy life by making them mobile. Starting from January 2017 this changed.

The mobility market for disabled humans has become over-traded lately, but the need for mobility aids for animals is growing and we have decided to make the change. As of January 2017 Dersal Mobility will concentrate only on products for elderly, disabled and injured pets. Dogs and cats also deserve a second chance at mobility and with the help of wheelchairs, braces, boots, harnesses and medicines, there is no reason why they can’t be mobile again.

Our mission is to supply a top quality product with excellent customer service. To this end, we have refrained from supplying shops and stores, as we don’t want to lose the personal attention given to a prospect by an enthusiastic and experienced agent.

Our Motto
“Let Dersal Mobility give your pet it’s life back again!!

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